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Be Heard & Have a Voice in your Conflict Resolution with Mediation.

When Should I Consider Mediation?

One should consider Mediation when they are unable to resolve an issue with the opposing party but wish to avoid fees in either hiring an attorney or extensive litigation costs.

  • Parenting time disagreements after a divorce;
  • Property divisions when a marriage ends;
  • Sibling disagreements after a parent’s death;
  • Concerns over guardianship;
  • Issues involved in special education;
  • Victim-Offender restitution;
  • Business and employment disputes;
  • Small claims and civil claims;
  • To get paid for completed work;
  • Dispute over the quality of workmanship;
  • Landlord-Tenant issues;
  • Noisy neighbor complaint;
  • Fence or boundary line conflict, etc.