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Be Heard & Have a Voice in your Conflict Resolution with Mediation.

What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

Mediation puts the control for the outcome of your court case in your hands. You get to decide the result you want and then we work to obtain that result or some compromise that you can live with. Having control in what the court will decide in your case will never happen again except in mediation.

Mediation also provides an end to the costs of attorney’s fees and costs. If you are paying for the litigation directly to your attorney, then you know how costly litigation can get through discovery and all the motions that can be filed. If you are on a contingency, you should be concerned about how much the insurance company is paying their attorney because that money could go to settle your case.

Mediation stops the costs of litigation and uses the savings to settle the case. Mediation gives you certainty. Your result of your case will be known at the conclusion of a successful mediation. Those are two of the primary benefits of mediation.